Kaname Chidori

千鳥かなめ, Kana
Name: Kaname Chidori Height: 166 cm Weight: 50 kg Age: 16 Blood Type: B Place of Birth: Japan Distinguishing features: Long blue hair Hobbies: Softball Kaname is the female protagonist of the series. She is often described as The kind of girl everyone looks up to but not even a boy wants as their girlfriend as a male fellow student put it. Shes very much the loud mouth speak your mind kind of girl a trait she picked up when she studied abroad in the United States. Until then she feels like she must protect Sousuke from the harsh cruel world of high school a place where he doesnt quite fit. Sousuke is assigned to guard her as she is one of the Whispered. People that have in their subconscious very technologically advanced knowledge that numerous governments and other groups want to use for their own means. She often uses a paper fan to hit Sousuke besides berating him on how the kinds of weapons he uses are not exactly proper for a high school student. While she criticizes Sousuke for being too militaristic and overprotective she appreciates it under life or death situations. Chidori develops serious feelings for Sousuke and is dejected when he is so obtuse in such matters. Eventually Chidori confesses her love to Sousuke and the latter reciprocates it. Source: Wikipedia