Konta Inari

Koma's and Mako's "good friend"(slave). He's a fox, but he has self-esteem issues. He was born with a pure fox bloodline, but inherited half of its power. But once he's able to transform he's very strong. When he helps Hiyo escape from the Inukami twins he transforms into his monster form. The Inukami twins are disappointed because his true form is a handsome adult. When Kurou arrives with Yuki and Jin, he kidnaps Hiyo because he loves her and doesn't want to hand her over. He escapes into the mirror, which leads into a dimension where only foxes can enter. He takes Hiyo as his bride because it is tradition that when a fox grows up, he must take his bride to his home. But he transforms back into his child-like form because his soul isn't mature.