Teletha Testarossa

テレサ・テスタロッサ, Tessa
Background Information: Teletha quotTessaquot Testarossa is the clumsy but charming Captain of the revered TDD1 039Tuatha de Danaan039 submarine of the antiterrorist organization 039Mithril039. She is American by birth but has lived on submarines and military bases for the majority of her life time. She is a child prodigy who rose to such a high rank at the age of only 16 has silver hair and grey eyes. She is also not very athletically inclined but has shown to be a very good swimmer. She has an interest in Sousuke that extends beyond a professional one generating a love triangle she shares with Sousuke Sagara and Kaname Chidori. Even though Chidori and Tessa seem to compete against each other for Sousuke they are good friends in reality as during several episodes they talk about Sousuke and his unique military charm. Tessa is also one of the chief designers of the TDD1 039Tuatha de Danaan039 and the creator of Dana the submarine039s Artificial Intelligence. Characteristics: Tessa has a lot of interesting qualities. Her subordinates are what she cares with the most. She is also very smart when it comes to battlefield tactics and conflicts and she displays some very impressive military prowess and strategy at several points. She also seems to have a nervous habit of playing with her ponytail. Sometimes however as stated by Kurz Weber quotwhenever Tessa was told by someone she couldn039t do something she made it a point to prove them wrongquot. Tessa seems to have some trouble tolerating her job at times due to the position she has. Some scenes have shown her irritated by what she does while other scenes show her slightly depressed by it. Nevertheless she seems to have a large amount of stamina and is able to cope with the stress of her tasks and does a wonderful job doing so. Source: Wikipedia