Mail Jeevas

マット / マイル・ジーヴァス, Matt
Date of birth: February 1 1990 Blood type: O Height: 168cm 56 Weight: 52kg 115lbs Matt is a cohort of Mellos first appearing in Chapter 83. He does some espionage work for him and is an accomplice in Takadas kidnapping. He follows orders without question usually smoking a cigarette as he does. Not much else is known about him other than he is a former resident of Wammys orphanage. Matts real name is Mail Jeevas pronounced like mile rather than male he likes video games but dislikes going out and Matt was behind Mello and Near to succeed L Source: Wikipedia It was said that during his time in Wammys orphanage he and Mello were very close friends and liked to cause trouble. Also it was reported that his calm demeanor and laid back attitude was the reason why he is third in line to be L. His lack of motivation and drive the only thing holding him back from being first. His intelligence matching even surpassing Mello and Nears.