Kyouko Tachibana


A member of an organization of espers, similar to but different from Itsuki Koizumi's. Both groups realized their powers at the same time, but where Koizumi's group recognized Haruhi as the source of their abilities, Kyouko's group was certain that Kyon's school friend Sasaki was the source of theirs. It is also possible that the powers wielded by both organizations are different. Kyouko's group now believes that the powers wielded by Haruhi rightfully belong to Sasaki and that they should be transferred back to her somehow; to this end they have tried to enlist the aid of Kyon, Kuyou's patrons, and the time traveling faction represented by the 'Sneering Bastard'. There is ample indication that Kyouko's group and the Agency now exist in a state of conflict, especially since the former participated in an attempt to kidnap Mikuru. Kyouko has shown Kyon that she can enter an Enclosed Space she claims was created by Sasaki - a peaceful, well-lit realm as opposed to the gloomy, perilous realms spawned by Haruhi, which has no destructive giants tearing everything down. She also claims that transferring the power from Haruhi to Sasaki would be in the world's best interest and has implied that Kyon would be the only key needed to effect the transfer. As a person, Kyouko seems cheerful, friendly and pleasant, although she is frustrated by the unwillingness of others to assist in the transfer of power. Kyouko's claim that the Enclosed Space supposedly generated by Sasaki are preferable to those created by Haruhi is suspect; while there is indeed no destruction taking place in these realms, they are also devoid of any other kind of change. (Source: Wikipedia)