Lucien Wycelf

He is the rightful king of Tamir who lost his kingdom to the Earl of Auye plunging his subjects into tyranny and poverty. At one point he tries to reclaim his kingdom through a marriage alliance with the powerful, but tyrannical Queen Elinor. He and Ley meet each other in a dream, and he proclaims her his true love and kisses her before a shadow, later discovered to be Queen Elinor, takes him away. Upon waking, he decides to ignore the dreams of love and continue his political advancement through marriage. He later meets Ley and is confused by the fact that Ley is a "man" though he cannot shake the feelings he has toward Ley. He later discovers that Ley true gender during the gladiator battle that took place the day before he was to be wed to Queen Elinor. (Source: Wikipedia)