クザン, Aokiji, Admiral, The Blue Pheasant
Age: 47 49 Birthday: September 21st Height: 298 cm 99 Blood Type: F Kuzan better known by his former alias Aokiji was one of the three Marine admirals. He was nominated by Sengoku for the position of fleet admiral. However after losing the position to Akainu he resigned from the Marines. Kuzan is a very laid back man showing no shock or surprise from almost anything. His lack of interest and lazy justice as he describes his motto himself let others often believe he can not possibly be a marine of such a high ranking. However if he deems a situation worthy he will take action as shown when he created a passage to another island for a few injured castaways at Long Ring Long Land. He seems to be the kindest of the three admirals helping Tonjit at Long Ring Land to cross the ocean with the power of his Devil Fruit and even letting Nico Robin escape the Buster Call on Ohara. He seems to dislike the Shichibukai or at least Crocodile he said that the only reason he did not kill Luffy was that Luffy had defeated Crocodile. In contrast to his fellow admiral Sakazuki Kuzan has a sense of honour as he keeps his word to not attack the Straw Hats after accepting a oneonone fight with Luffy. Kuzans moral stance is unknown but it is likely that he follows Moral Justice. He is disgusted by Sakazukis brutal actions in dealing with situations such as the Ohara Incident calling him a fool. While he may follow Moral Justice he does understand the position his ranking puts him in as he does not hesitate to do what is necessary for the needs of the Marines as shown when he freezes Jaguar D. Saul after the Ohara incident and attacked Luffy and Whitebeard during the Marineford War. Aokiji was a faithful follower of the World Government. He always tried to obey orders but sometimes found his own ideals in opposition to his orders. Even as he followed his orders he would sometimes exhibit a sense of mercy and honor that other World Government officials did not. Like many characters in One Piece for example Jaguar D. Saul and Smoker after witnessing the senseless murder of many innocent people Aokiji may have come to realise how low these events have sunk the World Government. His relaxed demeanour while performing the more macabre of his duties is similar to that of Borsalino making him one of the more complicated characters in the series. Despite not really wanting the position of fleet admiral he was even more opposed to Sakazuki getting the position and fought his fellow admiral rather than letting him take it. After being defeated Kuzan chose to resign from the Marines rather than stay under Akainus command.