Ryoichi Tenjo

天城 燎

Tenjo is a forward from Kokubu Junior High School. His style of soccer playing was very independent and cold hearted. His father was a major businessman who told him to take power with his own hands cause he wasn't going to help his own son. Therefore, Tenjo believed that he could be the best through his own actions and didn't like teamwork. Even though he has great power, due to his lack of teamwork he failed the qualifying tests into entering Musashinomori's soccer club (the same time as when Tatsuya passed the tests, but declined), which made him angry and bitter. Fortunately, things seemed to be brighter for him when Shō confronts him after Josui defeated Kokubu in a difficult game. The only person who he ever cared for was his nanny, Kazue. Unfortunately, after her death, he was contemplating on quitting soccer because he believed that he played only to see her smile and now that she's gone, there's no point in playing any more. Things for him seemed to heat up even more when Hiba's leader, Tsubasa Shiina, trash talks him to leave after beating his school in a game (a game in which Tenjo was not able to play in with full power since he was mentally damaged due to Kazue's death just before the game). After playing mini-soccer with Shō and his friends, against Tsubasa and his friends, Tenjo realized that he loves soccer and that Kazue would want him to keep playing what he loves. He becomes a regular on the Junior Senbatsu Team. Although, after realizing that his mom didn't abandon him, he called her and she went to visit him in Japan. He found out that he is half German, though he already figured that he wasn't all Japanese, and that he also has a little sister. His mom wanted him to live with them in Germany, so with the help of Shō, Tenjo soon came to grips with the fact that he wanted to go. He quit the Junior Senbatsu Team and went to Germany, though he did say that he wasn't going to give up on soccer, but will be playing in Germany.