Soujuu Matsushita

松下 左右十

A frequent at Oya-san's Oden stand, and former professional soccer player, Matsushita is intrigued by Sakura Josui after watching their match against Musashinomori. He quit soccer altogether after a chilling experience with his teammate Amamiya, but Sakura Josui's advisor, Katori, works hard to try and convince him to be the team's new coach. In the end, his old friend Amamia tells him to forget about the past and move on, stating that he still loves soccer even after that incident. Inspired by his friend, Matsushita becomes Sakura Josui's new coach. As their coach, he is very knowledgable, due to his prior soccer experiences. He's able to figure out the opposing teams strategies and come up with his own, often confusing the other team. Though he teaches his team on the field, he prefers to let them come up with their own life solutions off the field, but sometimes gives them advice when he sees that they are stuck.