エリゴール, Shinigami,Grim Reaper

Erigor was the leader of the former Eisenwald Guild; he became known as a "Shinigami" as he became a mage that only accepted assassination jobs. His weapon of choice is a scythe.

Erigor ordered his guild members to secure Lullaby, a magic death flute, so he could kill all the Guild Masters during their meeting. Kageyama returned with the flute as Erigor took over a train and after punishing Kageyama for alerting Flies of their plans. As Team Natsu found their way to Erigor, Erigor left and had his guild deal with them while he prepared a Wind Wall to trap them in the train station. He had almost casted it as Erza Scarlet challenged him. Erigor surprisingly trapped her before the fight could be begin. After resting awhile, Erigor headed towards the guild masters however he was stopped by Natsu Dragneel who was riding Happy. As the two began a battle of fire and wind, Erigor casted his Storm Mail spell which canceled all fire magic. As Natsu refused to be beaten (and got angrier), Erigor's storm mail wore off as Natsu's angry made his flames hotter as fire sucks up oxygen causing Erigor's wind magic to weaken. After Happy told Natsu to give up and let Gray Fullbuster take care of him, Natsu went into a mad rage and defeated Erigor. According to police reports, Erigor escaped from being arrested (unlike his other guild mates) and hasn't been seen since.