A snow woman. She doesn't like being cold. She has large breasts. She's usually cheerful and likes to drink, but when she drinks cola she turns into the evil "Mizore Black". She returns to normal after she burps. If she drinks blood, she turns red. She can grind her body to make shaved ice. Her body is cold, so she is popular in the summer. She usually just melts though. She likes hot springs, but when she gets in the water it completely freezes. If she writes "hot spring mark" on the ground and goes to sleep on it, she'll melt. She has light-purple, short hair. She has long bangs. If she has a left eye, it is always covered by her bangs. In her right eye, her pupil is red. Between her black knee socks and the hem of her short, white robe, she has some absolute territory. (Wiki)