Enrique Bishilie

エンリケ ビスハイル

A Meat under Ganbanzel's command.

By Ganbanzel's order, he was grouped with other Meats to study and gain magic rights. As his lightning magic was the strongest, Enrique continuously emerged alive and victorious from his fights with his Meat friends. Eventually, he died and his book was consumed by Zatoh, a book eater, but his soul remained alive inside Zatoh's stomach and occasionally took over Zatoh's body in an attempt to find someone strong enough to kill him. When he met Noloty Maruchie during one such quest, she insisted on saving him and fought Zatoh. With the aids of his friends' souls inside Zatoh's stomach, Enrique managed to destroy Zatoh's personality and took over Zatoh's body as well as his power (comprised from the countless magic rights Zatoh had eaten), this time for good. Moved by Noloty's ideal (and possibly started to have romantic feelings for her), he came with Noloty to Bantorra library, but refused to become an Armed Librarian.