Leopold Scorpse

レオポルド・スコルプス, Leo
The first son of Duke Scorpos and heir to his fathers territory. He has high aspirations of becoming a great and noble knight rescuing damsels in distress and bringing righteous justice to the world at large. Unfortunately Leo has a long way to go in order to obtain his goals. While on his journey he discovers the Casull party being harassed by a group of bandits and with sword at the ready charges gallantly down the hill on his noble steed Parabellum in order to come to their aid. Sadly his attempt as heroics doesnt go as planned but upon setting eyes on Pacifica falls head over heels and frequently proposes marriage to her. While still struggling to ascertain the meaning of chivalry and what it means to be a good knight Leo decides that he will protect Pacifica at all costs. Source: Wikipedia