Iori Sengoku

An instructor in the Ogame school of martial arts and the man who taught Gama his sword techniques. He is incredibly skilled and is known to sometimes go overboard. He is currently the strongest member of Ogame school. He first appears at the end of the first round. Iori taught Gama all of the sword techniques he knows currently including a few Iori himself created. He is considered very strong and a Master of the Five Ogame School Kata's, even creating techniques of his own. He is known for his incredible skills but is also known to go overboard when fighting opponents. He was a student of Jinsuke Kurogane, Gama's father. Despite this, he is loyal to the Ogame School and refused to join Jinsuke. Instead prompting to wage war against him in the Ogame School, giving the school one full year of preparation. He and Shinnojo also have a rivalry of which one would be the leader of the Ogame School which was decided days before his attack on the Muhou School with the purposal. He is known for his incredible combat capabilities, enough to defeat at least forty men within the Muhou School without recieving grievious wounds and possesses vast "pressure" which makes him a threat to anyone who isn't an ally of him or the Ogame School. 15 years before the start of the series, Iori at the age of 9 both his parents killed, was alone and cornered by two samurai who were attempting to kill him. Was saved by Jinsuke, and became his student. He initially refused to take sides during the battle between Jinsuke and the Ogame school but it was later told that he tried defeating Jinsuke and failed. Iori then appeared at the end of the first round where he took Gama in for training to allow him to survive the second round. During this time, he taught the third form of the Ikazuchi style to Gama called the Narukami (Rumbling God), which allowed Gama to use a three step technique that seemingly acted like a bolt of lightning that flashed due to its sudden speed. After this, Iori is seen after Shin defeated an opponent from his past after killing their ally and decided to go with him in order to face off against the Four Divine Spears. He and Shin would appear after the battle between Sasuke and Zenmaru in which he would go against a man named Jinno Ichio one of the Four Divine Spears. With only brute force hand-to-hand tactics he would take this man down in an instant. Much to the disbelief of his comrades and the disdain of Shin. The battle would stop after Banri the leader of the Myoujin School would decide not to fight against the Ogame School, leading to the automatic win of the Ogame and the loss of Naoyoshi's brother Naokatsu and his immediate death, after which he'd refuse and backstab Naoyoshi. However, members of the Muhou School would intercept and kill him themselves. Iori would go up against three opponents in which they would comment on his "pressure". After commenting on their weapons he would be able to defeat them after some surprises of brute force and strength he'd hold them off and even kill one of them making a game out of it as he did. However, the battle would be cut short and they would make their own retreats before he could finish them off. He returns with the gang to the dojo and after talking it over with Turtle-sensei comments that they should go to the Juuren village in order to do more training, of which Gama agrees due to his depression of being "weak". They travel to the village are stopped by Yumeji who is the daughter of Rintarou in which Rintarou comes later as a person that he and Shin also had to face during their younger days. They move onto the Juuren Village and Iori comments on Mika another daughter of Rintarou. After a few days, he is ready to watch the trainings of Gama and Zenmaru but stops once he sees Shin. Knowing that they shall fight he decides to also prepare for the battle. Meeting Shin, they both exchange strong words and begin to battle one another. Both were on equals levels each one aiming to kill the other with incredible techniques with Shin's tricky sword moves being his trump card as Iori's brute force was his, though neither one could catch the other off guard with their strength. The battle would stop when Turtle-sensei stopped and decided to choose which one could be the leader. After some dialouge between Shin and Iori, Iori decides to give leadership to Shin much to Shin's own disdain. Iori also begins to make a plan for the Muhou which Gama intercepts and speaks with Iori who tells him some words of encouragement, telling him to "Don't look back at me, just be stronger than everyone...", creating profound words to follow and leading on to his quest to the Muhou School Base. Iori is a powerful and skillful opponent, and one of the strongest swordsmen in the series. People often comment on his amount of "pressure" or killing intent which he gives off in combat situations. This is often enough to make many opponents sweat and be afraid of him. He was also trained by Jinsuke himself and is held in high regard by him noting that he would be ranked in one of the highest position of the Muhou School should he half chose to come with him. He is also a master of the Ogame Style and taught Gama many powerful skills to be used in combat during the tournament. During his raid on the Muhou School he had no lethal injuries and killed over forty men. One of the most commented abilities that Iori has shown are his brute strength, which is on a high enough level to easily pull two strong combatants closer to him on a whim while chained. During his clash with Iori, his sword strikes were commented on as numbing his hand and stinging greatly/ He also has surprising speed, able to easily keep up with Gama while he was using Flash of Purple Lightning before the time-skip. He also has an incredible willpower, capable of fighting an opponent largely unaware of their abilities and still keep his calm in the heat of danger. Iori is also a good teacher, he taught Gama almost all he knew, and also new skills in order to help him within the tournament. Due to his mastery of the Ogame Style, it is assumed he knows most if not all the techniques it has to offer. He also created his own skill, Kosen, a very effective thrusting technique which he also taught to Gama.