Arata Nakaizumi

Nakaizumi Arata of the Nakaizumi School is Gama's second opponent in the competition. He is the only member of the school to participate. The specialty of the Nakaizumi School is archery. He has three types of arrows in his arsenal: The 1st is Destruction - has a holed arrowhead with a mass of lead at the end to stabilize its track. It causes massive destruction and accuracy. Arata trained for 2 years to master this. The 2nd is Encircle - it's power and speed is not as good as Destruction, but it's curved arrowhead and fletching allows movement in a certain direction using air resistance. That gives it the ability to turn. Arata trained for 3 years to master this. The 3rd is Fang - it is considered the best of the 3 for killing. Once it hits its target, it will crush into the person's flesh and bone. This arrow is the hardest to control and Arata trained for 7 years to master it. At the end of their battle, Nakaizumi Arata is left alive and is considered Kurogame Gama's second win in the competition of the 2nd round.