Sakon Daimaru

Daimaru Sakon is considered to be the strongest man in the history of the Kyousen School. Sakon is a weak minded character and was easily brain washed and manipulated by his eldest brother, Ryuugo. His specialty is kicking. Even though he is weak in mind and heart, once he is frightened by an opponent, when he retaliates, he doesn't stop until the other is dead. 7 years prior, Sakon originally hated killing people. His skill surpassed Ryuugo and his father so he was about to be named head of the school. Ryuugo "tested" Sakon by leaving him in a pitch black cellar of their home filled with test subjects. In order to survive, Sakon had to kill all those in the cellar. The next morning, Sakon killed his father (7 years ago). 7 years later, during the fight with Gama, Sakon kills Ryuugo and is later killed by Gama. The Daimaru Clan is the only clan to inherit the teachings of the Kyousen School. The Daimaru Clan is made up of Ryuugo (the eldest), Soujin, Genzou, Shinosuke, Gourou, and Sakon (the youngest). Some moves of the Kyousen School is "Mutou" and their secret technique is Tsukigakushi Stance (hand is positioned to overlap enemy. Be able to perceive movements of the opponent). A trademark move of the school results in the collapse of the lungs of the opponent. Another move is called: Koshuuchou (able to accelerate in mid-air).