Lucifel; Lucifael
The Demon Lord of Hell also the twin brother to the angel Michael. Just when he was exalted to the position of Morning Star and chief of Seraphim he was told by God that he was born with only one reason to become the Prince of Darkness and rule the evils and demons. Angry with this revelation he decided to go rape Alexiel in order to enrage God since in Heaven it was believed that Alexiel was actually Gods quotbeloved daughterquot. The reality was that YHWH/God actually only used her and wanted her out of the way so he could follow though his plan Lucifer had no way of knowing this. However he fell in love with her when he found out she was not the cold emotionless woman everyone believed her to be but a woman who loved everything with a love that encompassed anything Lucifer had seen. He fell in love with the quotwoman with the same eyes as himquot. He leaves Eden after kissing her and continues to stage a rebellion against God. When he and his comrades fell they found that hell was a barren land incapable of supporting life of any kind so he rooted his body to Hells ground merging with it in order to make Hell habitable. Thus when Hells earth breaks it is his blood that gushes out. He later returns to Eden a second time to free Alexiel from her Godmade prison and thus assisted in bringing forth the second rebellion which Alexiel staged. As his punishment for assisting Alexiels escape from Eden God extracts his soul and imprisons it in a sevenbladed sword Nanatsusaya Mitamanatsurugi. His soul was imprisoned in the sword for so long he forgot all his memories. A number of people tried to wield the sword and failed until Alexiel came along. He allowed her to control him because she was the woman that held all his memories in her hand. As Nanatsusaya Lucifer hated Alexiel because he was helpless as she knew more about him than he did and she would never reveal his past to him. But when Alexiel was captured by the angels and sealed in the Angel Crystal Nanatsusaya followed her through all her reincarnations. He deludes himself into thinking that it is because he hates her and wants to see her suffer but in the end his actions prove otherwise.