ロシエル, Rociel
The Inorganic Angel Rosiel is the younger twin of Alexiel. Originally he was wise kind and benevolent but knew he would eventually lose his sanity and become destructive. He asked Alexiel to kill him before this happened but her feelings prevented her from doing so and she sealed him within the earth instead. He is also obsessed with his beauty because everyone calls him beautiful save for Alexiel he frequently asks if he is beautiful as he descends further into insanity. In fact he intentionally mimics many of Alexiel039s facial features which explains his resemblance to his sister. In reality Rosiel was born as an old hideous creature. His body doesn039t age instead it becomes younger and younger as time goes by. Rosiel039s most loyal follower Katan secretly uses forbidden black magic to break the seal and brings Rosiel back. By this time Rosiel has already lost his mind.