Yutaka Takenouchi

竹之内 豊
The leader of Cromartie Highs firstyear students. Known to be an incredible fighter and a reliable person. His name is a parody of a famous Japanese actor. From the character profile: The underground kingpin of Cromartie Highs 1st year class. What is an underground kingpin anyway? Takenouchi loves to travel but hates being in vehicles. His strenght is enough to make his longtime enemies at Bass High School tremble in terms of respect he has no equal. If only he didnt get motion sickness so easily he would have made a perfectly fine main character. This single drawback is most regrettable. Takenouchi has come to fear Kamiyama because whenever the two are together he ends up in some sort of unpleasant situation. Takenouchi has a cute shaved head. His grandeur which is far beyond that of a normal 16yearold has attracted many female fans. Seriously His motto is Stick with your New Years resolutions.