Kou Ichinomiya

一ノ宮行, Riku, Recruit, Himo-niisan
Kou is a 22yearold man who selfproclaims to be part of the elite. He is the first son of the Ichinomiya family which makes him the heir of the family company. While others of his age are just your regular everyday college students he has already bought his own luxurious apartment and claims to have made over 8 million yen within his short life. From the day Kou was born he has been taught not to be indebted to anyone. Therefore his whole life has been obsessed by it. From wearing the necktie that bears his familys motto to coming up with scenarios how to avoid unnecessary charity from others. But his life quickly changes when he is saved by Nino. In order to pay off his debt to her he fulfills her wishes by becoming her boyfriend and moving in with her thus leaving his carefree and rich life behind him. When he gets nervous or stressed out Kou suffers from a bad case of asthma just like the other members of his family. Like the rest of the group the mayor also nicknames him which in his case is Riku. Riku is an abbreviaton of recruit referring to a newly recruited businessman.