ハクオロ, White Emperor,The one being sung,Hakuowlo

Hakuoro is the main protagonist who wears an irremovable mask over the top part of his head extended down to just under the eyes. He is found badly injured by Eruruu, who nurses him back to health. It is soon apparent that he has lost all of his memories, and he additionally finds that the state of the world varies significantly from his expectations (e.g. certain anatomical attributes are now considered normal, such as ears and tails). In place of his forgotten name, he is given the name Hakuoro (白皇, meaning "White Emperor" in Ainu, also the name of Eruruu and Aruruu's father). His main weapon of choice is a large metal fan that was given to him by Tusukuru. He quickly captivates and gains the trust of those around him, and soon finds himself in a growing position of leadership. Major Spoilers

Although it seems for a time that his identity is Rakshain, a murderous traitor, it is eventually revealed that he is the embodiment of the good half of the god Witsarunemitea and he recalls his memories as Iceman. After Hakuoro's final battle with the darker half of Witsarunemitea, the halves join together once again, with Hakuoro's side straining to maintain dominance. He decides to seal himself away so that his other side will not cause anymore destruction, and bids farewell to each of his comrades. Eruruu confesses her love for Hakuoro and the two share a kiss. Hakuoro says that he will return back to her and Eruruu says that she will wait for him. The conclusion hints that Hakuoro returns through the final scene with Eruruu, though not really seen. Other Names: Iceman/Witsarunemitea In the earliest of Hakuoro's memories, he is seen as an archeological research scholar who stumbled upon Witsarunemitea's fossil hidden in an advanced laboratory. An unknown scientist catches him and explains that he did not want anyone to know of this forgotten deity; the "missing link" in human evolution-- for he felt that it should not exist. To protect its concealment, he shot the archeologist and his blood landed on the fossil. Witsarunemitea then awakened and restored him in exchange for taking his body as a vessel so that he will not be disturbed again. As a symbol of the contract, he acquired the mask which represents Witsarunemitea. Much later, his frozen body is found by researchers who unfreeze him and name him 'Iceman'. Although initially under the pretense of helping him, the researchers were actually interested in researching his ability to survive outside of a greenhouse environment and interested in further increasing their longevity. Artificial beings based from his body were created for further studies, including subject #3510 whom he named "Mikoto" and #63 whom he named "Mutsumi". Iceman fell in love with Mikoto and later on escaped with her and had a child with her; although they're both eventually recaptured. The scientists dissected Mikoto to experiment on her, which caused Iceman to go into a rage and awaken his abilities as Witsarunemitea. Realizing what he is doing, he asks Mutsumi to destroy him; but she is unsuccessful. Instead, she manages to seal him, but he is separated into two: Hakuoro possessing his good side and his human form; and a formless evil side that must possess a host body to gain physical form. However, the seal cannot hold them forever and the two halves periodically become free. In the current time, Hakuoro awakens with no memories, and the latest of the forms taken by the darker side is that of the Onkamiyamukai scholar Dii.