Nanako Kuroi

黒井ななこ, Sensei
Birthday: February 8th Age: 27 Born in: Kanagawa Prefecture Blood Type: O Strong subjects: World history cooking Disliked subjects: English Online Name: Nanakon Nanako is the homeroom teacher for Konatas class and her primary subject is world history. She thinks that students have it easy because as she has said you guys dont have to think about what to wear every day. She is more like a friend than their teacher as she has a lax personality. Consequently she frequently borrows and exchanges video games with Konata and is in Konatas guild in the same online game. Since she is not seeing anyone she is constantly online even on Christmas and New Years Eve. Nanako has very long blonde hair which she ties at the back of her neck and her eyes are green. When writing on the chalkboard Nanako is able to become ambidextrous. She loves to watch baseball and is a big fan of the Chiba Lotte Marines. Also Nanako speaks in a fake Kansai accent. Source: Wikipedia