アストレア, Delta
Height: 159cm Species: Angeloid Introduced as the Delta Angeloid: Close Combat Type. She is something of an airhead and has limited intelligence due to having low processing power to be able to have high combat abilities and emotions. She weighs 48 kilograms stands at 159cm and her wing type is stated to be Not Variable and Super Acceleration. Astraea has been described as having greater battle capabilities than Ikaros and possesses two equipments: the superoscillating photon blade Chrysaor and a shield said to surpass the defensive power of Ikaros Aegis Aegis L. However unlike Aegis Aegis L is unable to cover every angle possible only being able to block certain directions at a time and it covers about half the area of Aegis in terms of angles. Astraeas weak point is that she was made entirely for closecombat and thus is extremely disadvantaged against opponents with longrange weapons or attacks as she has no ranged attacks whatsoever.