Eruruu is the female protagonist, though there are other main female characters in the story. She was the first person Hakuowlo meets when he wakes up after being found by her. She nurses Hakuowlo back to health until he is strong enough to go walking outside, with much initial assistance provided by Eruruu and a walking stick. Later, she falls in love with Hakuowlo. Eruruu has a forceful, but caring and gentle personality. She is named after a flower that only exists in the story. In the game and manga, she is often found displeased of her small breast size.

Eruruu kisses Hakuowlo before he is sealed, as he tells her that they will meet again and that she'll be waiting for him. At the end of the anime, she continues as a healer and is awaiting Hakuowlo's return. In the last scene she turns around and sees someone or something, however it 's not shown clearly who it is. It's implied by many to be Hakuowlo without Witsarunemitea's mask. In the game version, this is strongly implied as prior to that scene, Kūya, Camyu and Arurū are all shown acting as if they saw Hakuowlo again. Erurru's past self: Erurru is the reincarnation of Mikoto who was an artificial being based from Iceman's body/blood. She was the only woman he ever loved and had a child with her, though they both were captured. She was later butchered by scientists for research. Her name is derived from the number 3510. The word Mikoto can also be pronounced as ''inochi'', meaning ''life''.