Hayato Akaba

Akaba is the tight end for the Spiders and the teams captain. He is obsessed with music and often plays his electric guitar and uses musical metaphors to state his opinions. While playing Akaba wears a blue eyeshield and he introduces himself to Sena as the real Eyeshield 21. He was offered a place on the Teikoku team and accepted because of the teams strength and his father transferring to Kansai. After a confrontation with teammate Kotaro Akaba changed his mind and decided to return to Bando. Because of the schools policy Akaba was forced to sit out for six months from the beginning of the school year so he could not play with the team until the match against the Devil Bats. Instead Akaba served as an adviser and instructor to his teammates teaching them the blocking techniques he created through painstaking research. After the game against Deimon Akaba gives his blue eyeshield to Sena in the anime he returns Senas original green eyeshield to him and states that Sena deserves to be called Eyeshield 21. Source: Wikipedia