ケルベロス, Keroberos, Kero, Cerberos, Guardian of the Seal
Birthday: Secret Favorite Color: Red Orange Favorite Flower: Sun Flower Favorite Food: Sweet food Food: Hot spicy food bitter foods Favorite Thing: TV Game Favorite Programs: Comedies Real Appearance: A large lionlike animal Cerberus nicknamed Kero is the appointed guardian of the book which holds the Clow Cards. He is one of two magical creatures created by Clow Reed along with the Clow Cards. Before his death Clow appointed Kero as the one to select the potential candidate to be the next master of the cards Cerberus himself and his brother and fellow guardian Yue. After Sakura accidentally releases the cards Cerberus chooses her to be the candidate and teaches her the basics of capturing the cards. Throughout the series he displays an extensive knowledge of mysticism. Having spent a lengthy amount of time in the book while it was in Osaka Cerberus speaks with a pointed Osakanaccent. He tends to be bossy demanding egotistical and a glutton but clearly displays his affection for Sakura especially if she is hurt or in danger. He becomes very fond of video games and is addicted to sweets. Cerberus spends most of his time in a false form a small figure resembling an orangestuffed animal with wings. Unlike Yue Cerberus draws his life energy from the sun and is not dependent on the magical power of his master. However his master must have control of the Firey and Light cards in order to power his true form a largewinged cat. In the anime adaptation the Firey card is changed to the Earthy card to avoid to delay his obtaining his true form. Cerberus name is taken from the Greek mythological figure Cerberus a large threeheaded beast who was assigned to guard the gates of Hades.