Okuyasu Nijimura


Okuyasu isn't exactly the brightest character in the Jojo story, and tended to rely on his elder brother Keicho to make hard decisions. After his brother died, he sought revenge against the User of Red Hot Chili Pepper, Akira Otoishi. During this time and the following events surrounding Yoshikage Kira, he became fast friends with Josuke and Koichi. Okuyasu tends to be jealous of Koichi's relationship with Yukiko, and enjoys Tonio's cooking. He also befriends Fatty, after doing battle with his Harvest with Josuke. This friendship is why became further enraged when Fatty was killed by Yoshikage Kira. Okuyasu's father is a bizarre creature, mutated by Dio's spores when Okuyasu was only 7. He rather dislikes Rohan because of what Rohan tried to do to him when they first met.