Genius Sage

ジーニアス・セイジ, Genis
Age: 12 Gender: Male Weight: 41 kg. Height 142 cm. Race: Half Elven Weapon: Bolinches Genius is a child prodigy from Iselia. He is Lloyds best friend and the younger brother of Iselias schoolteacher Refill. Because of his actions he and Lloyd are exiled from Iselia and the two join Colettes Journey of Regeneration. The Sages are both halfelven but they pass themselves off as fullblooded elves to avoid discrimination. After experiencing racial discrimination in Tethealla Genius starts to express a hatred for humans but remembers that his friends are themselves human. Genius is a great cook like Regal. Genius also holds a deep crush on Presea Combatir which begins as soon as he first sees her. He tries to hide it for a little while but his feelings for Presea soon become apparent to the party. Genius is a magicuser and fights with powerful elemental attacks. He casts spells by way of a kendama using it to help him focus and attack enemies as well.