Kratos Aurion


Name: Kratos Aurion
Hometown: Derris-Kharlan
Age: 28 (physical);

4000+ (mental)

Weight: 173lbs; 78kg
Height: 6'1''; 186cm
Race: Human (pre-game);

Angel (in-game)

Occupation: Mercenary,

Four Seraphim, Cruxis

Weapon: Swords, Daggers

Kratos is displayed as a cold and heartless mercenary in the game, though is also an expert in swordsmanship, a fact that makes Lloyd angry. The only thing he has in mind at the beginning of the game is to protect Colette, as that is what he is assigned to do. However, as the journey processes, Kratos begins to open up a little, giving out hints about a past where he did a terrible mistake. Throughout the early stages of the game, Kratos displays outstanding knowledge of the ancient world, raising Raine's suspicions as to his true intentions.

Despite his malevolent secret agenda, Kratos takes a keen interest in Lloyd's development as a warrior, although he takes a fairly callous approach to this. Through a side-quest, Kratos will train him in swordsmanship and give him advices that help the younger boy to grow. Despite his long life and many years of experience, Kratos is, up until the end of the game, a fatalist, for a long time not realizing that Mithos’ way is not the only possible way to save the worlds. It is Lloyd's actions that make him realize how much choice and control of his destiny he really has.

(Source: Aselia.wikia)