キャンディス, Kyandisu
A sadomasochistic woman who relishes physical pains in a fight as pleasures before joining the Chess Candice was a mercenary officer and was feared by many for her violent and abusing personality. After a defeat to Phantom however Candice fell in love with Phantom and followed him. Though this remains largely an unreciprocal passion Candice still endeavours to undertake many demanding tasks e.g. taking on powerful enemies to get Phantoms commends and is resolute to obliterate whoever obstructs his way. Candice first appeared during Phantoms revival and informed him that Queen Diana summoned him. During the Chess Pieces war campaign Candice singlehandedly defeats the soldiers at Castle Geirelulu using Gorgon to turn them into stone. Candice reappeared during the 5th Round of the War Games and fought to a draw with Jack. After Phantoms defeat Candice accompanies Phantom to Lestavas castle and in the manga witnesses his death while he rests on his throne. In the anime Candice tries to help him escape from the pursuit by Team MAumlR in the end of the Ghost Chess attack. Though this ends unsuccessfully it deeply touches Phantom and partly lets him die in peace knowing he after all isnt so hated. Her last appearance is with the revived Rolan visiting Phantoms grave.