Yuffie Kisaragi

ユフィ・キサラギ , Mystery Ninja, Treasure Princess
Birthplace: Wutai Date of Birth: November 20 1991 Sign: Scorpio Age: 915 Before Crisis Crisis Core 16 Final Fantasy VII 18 Advent Children 19 Dirge of Cerberus Height: 160cm 52 Blood type: A She is a Ninja and a Thief wielding a large shuriken. As a rebellious and cocky tomboy Yuffie desires to restore her homeland Wutai to the glorious nation it was before being conquered by Shinra. Despite her sometimes obnoxious personality Yuffie is friendly helpful and willingly helps the party in their battles. Yuffie has a cocky proud brash personality and at times can be aggressive a bit of a tomboy and acts unashamedly towards her goals. She has a tendency to bestow honorific titles on herself such as Great Ninja Yuffie The Single White Rose of Wutai and stating that everyone is Dyin to talk to a babe like her. Despite being the daughter of Wutais leader Godo Kisaragi Yuffie has little tolerance for tradition and is highly rebellious to Wutais oldfashioned ways which lead to her clashing with her father. She is clever and cunning able to trick the party with ease. Despite this she is not at all averse to heroics and is a reliable ally and caring friend. Yuffie is the subject of two running jokes in the series. One is her motion sickness as she gets ill whenever on a moving vehicle be it an airship or a boat. The other is her obsession with Materia when she joined the party it was merely to steal their Materia stock. In Final Fantasy VII she claims she wants Materia because Shinra banned it in Wutai and she wants to use it to restore Wutais glory. However her obsession is shown to be intact in her appearances before and after the game having found various other reasons to hunt the magical baubles.