In the first part Benawi is the Samurai Leader of Kenashikourupe. When Hakuoro039s rebellion overtakes Kenashikourupe Benawi realizes defeat and kills the emperor to spare him from possible torture and humiliation then attempts suicide but Hakuoro stops him convincing to join him as his righthand man. Benawi has a strong sense of responsibility to his country. He carries a calm and logical personality but gets irritated when Hakuoro ignores the duties as a ruler. The main weapon of choice is a halberd which he uses most effectively whilst riding. A man of convictions and morals he believes that the people in a country should come first and is not afraid to tell even an emperor when he believes they are making bad decisions. A cunning tactician second only to Hakuro Benawi is able to remain calm under pressure and is able to adapt to unexpected changes during a battle. Of all the characters Benawi seems the closest to normal human appearance as his ears are never seen in the anime.