Tomboyish athletic and rough would be some of the words used to describe Miha. She is very loyal to her family and friends and will go out of her way to repay a debt. Her brother trained her from a very young age to be strong and romantically unappealing to guys since he would otherwise have had to take care of her until she was married. Miha works parttime in her mother039s beauty salon for tips and can do simple cuts and styles. Once she even cut SeungSuh039s hair even though she was tempted to shave it all off. She is mysteriously subservient to her cousin YunJin and refuses to tell anyone why she is doing so. Whenever Miha is upset she always likes to work out her frustration through physical activities such as sports or even cleaning. She is more attracted to SeungSuh than she would like to admit. Even though the two of them started off horribly she is starting to see nicer sides to him than she thought existed.