With a porcelain face that men would and have fought over YunJin is the most desired girl at school. However her beautiful face comes with a price: All of the girls at school hate her for it. On any given day she can find her locker trashed or her gym outfit torn to pieces. Its not to say that she hasnt done something to deserve it partially since she also has a terrible attitude under that perfect complexion. YunJin also treats her cousin Miha like a slave for reasons she will not divulge. It may have to do with an incident in her past concerning Miha. YunJin lived with Mihas family for a while when she was in elementary school after her fathers death. YunJins father had been an alcoholic and had been beating YunJin for a very long time. Due to their pride YunJin and her mother hid the bruises from the rest of the family. As a result YunJin also suffered seizures whenever faced with violence. Mihas mother spoiled YunJin because of this and took YunJins side in any argument as well as giving away many of Mihas possessions. In one instance Mihas mother gave away her favorite doll and when Miha tried to reclaim it YunJin had a seizure and Miha got scolded. Naturally this was incredibly frustrating for Miha. YunJin also idolized Miha and would follow her without question. Frustrated Miha took YunJin back to her old house with the intention of leaving her there but YunJin had a seizure. Scared Miha ran off and YunJin wandered the streets for days eventually ending up in the hospital after an accident. It is unknown whether she still bears a grudge towards Miha because of this or because of other factors. YunJin does not like SeungSuh approaching Miha especially because he keeps telling YunJin to start taking care of herself and to stop relying on Miha. She is willing to do almost anything to keep them apart.