Yazoo is the quotmiddle childquot out of three Remnants of Sephiroth Loz is the oldest and Kadaj is the youngest and is the calmest of the trio. He possess the aspects of Sephiroth039s enigmatic allure and taunting opponents during battle. Yazoo also has a habit of sarcastically criticizing others even Loz. It was Yazoo who gathered the GeoStigma infected children their quotBloodhoundsquot for finding Jenova039s head. Yazoo has a gun bladestyle firearm called The Velvet Nightmare which is a gun with a blade connected to it. He and Loz usually fought together as they battled Reno and Rude and doubleteamed Cloud on three occasions. After Sephiroth039s demise Yazoo and Loz began to fade from exposure to the Lifestreaminduced rain caused by Aerith. However using the Materia in their bodies as an anchor the two intended in vain to take Cloud with them in an explosion of excessive materia atop ShinRa Corp building.