Isao Kondo

近藤勲, Gorilla, Fruits Chinpo Samurai, Gori-san
Age: near 30s Birthday: September 4 Zodiac: Virgo Hair: Dark brown Eyes: Brown Height: 184 cm Weight: 80 kg Blood Type: A Kondo Isao is the Commander of the Shinsengumi. When not working he is also the stalker of Shimura Tae earning him the nickname Gorillastalker. His superior is Matsudaira Katakuriko a highranking government officer under direct control of the Bakufu. Even though the Shinsengumi are loyal to Kondo he often has to use the Shinsengumi ViceCommander Hijikata Toushirou to settle them down with harsh words or use of violence before conducting a speech. Kondo is good friends with Hijikata Toushirou and Okita Sougo of the Shinsengumi and if one of them ever strayed then the other two would punch him back to where he belongs as Kondo once told Sougo. Sougo also often remarks that Kondos niceguy attitude is also his weakness as he never notices negative points about other people. In the Mutiny arc he was described by Itou Kamotarou as honest pure and unsullied. In the same arc Hijikata Toushirou described him as the soul of the Shinsengumi and the rest of them being the sword that protects him. Hijikata also said that everybody joined the Shinsengumi so that they could be with Kondo and that as long as he was there the Shinsengumi would not be finished. When Kondo once asked Shimura Tae whether she would still love her boyfriend if he had a hairy butt. She became the target of his stalking when she replied that she would love her boyfriend just as much hairy butt and all. Being a stalker of Tae Kondo is often seen getting beat up or threatened by her as she highly disapproves of his stalking and affection towards her. In the Yagyuu arc Kondo had his mind set on being Shimura Shinpachis brotherinlaw even going as far as saying Shinpachi was the only one he could entrust the Shinsengumi to much to Shinpachis annoyance answering that he doesnt give a damn about the Shinsengumi. In his childhood Kondo Isao was a member of a dojo in Bushuu. There he would soon meet Okita Sougo and Hijikata Toushirou recruiting them both into his dojo. Kondo would later on take all the members with him and move from Bushuu to Edo in search for success becoming what is now the Shinsengumi. Some characters in the series often call him gorilla due to his hirsute nature and although he is angered with this nickname he sometimes uses the same word to identify himself. Kondo is loosely based on the historical Kondo Isami famed for his role as commander of the Shinsengumi during the Bakumatsu period.