Tatsuma Sakamoto

Birthday: November 15 Zodiac: Scorpio Height: 181 cm Weight: 70 kg Age: 20s Sakamoto is a former member of the Joi. He is a goodnatured man and optimistic to the point of being ridiculous even in the most dangerous situations. His favorite phrase is AHAHA It must be . He also has a tendency to misspell names he calls Gintoki Kintoki. Gintoki often corrects him citing that if he were named Kintoki they would be in some kind of hentai anime because Kin from Kintoki instead of Gin would make the title Kintama which means testicles instead of Gintama which means silver soul. Despite his goofy nature Sakamoto is actually a successful businessman in the galaxy. He believes that business is a way of protecting his country. He has a private wellequipped defensive business fleet. He believes that sacrifices should be made for the good of the community which is why he chose to abandon his comrades on Earth to travel into space. Sakamoto is shown to be skilled with a pistol in an anime filler episode. His name is based on the historical character Sakamoto Ryoma. Sakamoto speaks in Tosaben much like the inspiration for his character Sakamoto Ryma.