ユズハ, Yuzu-chi

Yuzuha is Oboro's little sister and a friend to Aruruu and Camyu. She has been very sick with an unknown illness all her life, and is blind. Although bedridden most of the time, her senses of smell and hearing have been whetted by her lack of sight, and enabling her to recognize a person by their scent or even the manner of their footsteps. Yuzuha possesses a gentle persona, which she made especially apparent when dealing with her older brother, and in the fact that she refuses to let an animal die in the hope of obtaining her disease's cure.

Sadly in the ending of the last episode (set unknown time after the events of the main series, but with the characters seemingly similar in age and appearance) she is presumed to have passed away. You see her brother Oboro visiting her grave and bringing the bell she likes. In the game, she's able to bear a healthy child by virtue of Hakuowlo's divine blood which can control her illness for some time. Oboro cares for the child in place of his late sister and leaves on a journey to show it the world.