Kakeru Yuuki

Yuuki appears in volume 3, and is known as the boy who is atletic and loves sweets. Mayu used him to make Shinya jealous, but she thought it was the power of the 7 colored drink that made him like her-but he actually had a real crush on her for a long time. Mayu felt bad and cried for him, and he explains that he is happy that she was finally looking at him instead of Shinya and kissed her forehead. His affection caused the 7 colored drink to appear, and Mayu to realize his true feelings. He asks her out and Mayu doesn't think she can reject him since he loves her so much. Mayu passes out in a bush, embarrassing Yuuki-while trying to hide from Shinya, from a fever and he carries her to the nurse. Shinya finds them and thinks they are skipping class to be together and tries to take her back to class and gets in an argument with him. When Mayu drinks Vitamin 0, she loses her love for Shinya and completely falls in love with Yuuki. The transformation is undone since her transformations are weak from only having two colors left and her feelings for Shinya come flooding back. Yuuki sees this and tells Mayu to go after him and gives up on her. Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pixie_Pop