陣, Kaze Tsukai, The Windmaster
Jin is one of the members of the Shadow Channelers team during the Dark Tournament. The team039s true name however was the Shinobi of the Spirit World. He is assumed friends with Touya another member since one is almost never seen independent of the other except when fighting and they stick together after the Dark Tournament. Jin has a cheerful and upbeat personality. Jin speaks with a strong Irish accent in the English dub and has a serious disdain for his teammate the brutish Bakken. He tells Yusuke that a fighter shouldn039t bring outside hostilities and anger into a match and that they should enjoy themselves especially when they are battling for their lives. Despite his sunny disposition or perhaps because of it Jin is an incredibly talented fighter who throws himself wholeheartedly into a match. Jin039s special ability is wind manipulation being able to float in the air create miniature cyclones around his fists or create fullblown tornadoes. Jin first appeared along with the other members of the Shadow Channlers in the Dark Tournament against Team Urameshi. Jin just as he wanted ended up fighting Yusuke Urameshi. After a long battle where each of them sent one powerful attack after another to their opponent Jin finally got knocked out of the arena and lost. Unfortunately for Yusuke due to a trick made by the team039s owner the battle was counted as a tie. Following the Dark Tournament Jin later appears in the Makai Tournament. He was recruited by Kurama to work for one of the three Demon Lords Yomi in the Demon Plane or Makai. Jin trains under Genkai before entering the Makai Tournament and goes from an upper C Class to an upper A Class. During the tournament itself Jin ends up fighting Souketsu who was a former friend and rival of Yusuke039s ancestral father the thunder god Raizen. A flashback is shown where Soketsu is defeated by the deceased king Raizen.