Yue-Lung Lee

Yut Lung, Yau-Si

May contain spoilers: Yue-Lung, "The Moon that Rules Over the Darkness," is the youngest of the seven Lee brothers. His existence is kept a carefully guarded secret - the Lee family supposedly only has six brothers, and Yue-Lung lives under the name "Yau-Si," and poses first as Alexis Dawson's brilliant adopted son, then as a beautiful prostitute for Papa Dino. Yue-Lung is, without a doubt, the most deviously intelligent and ruthlessly manipulative of the cast. He uses people's emotions against them, manipulating them like puppets on a string. He is an assasin who doesn't even need to cloak himself in the shadows of the night - he can move about freely in daylight, and hardly a soul ever suspects his true nature until it is too late. Yue-Lung uses his extraordinary beauty and intellectual charm to enchant his victims into letting their guard down. Yue-Lung's loyalty lies exclusively with his older brothers. However, despite the fact that he acts submissive around them and obeys their wishes, Yue-Lung harbors a deep, festering hatred for his brothers, especially for Daai Yan Lee. Not only does Lee treat him more like a beautiful object or a faithful dog than a real person, but Yue-Lung also identifies Lee as the murderer of their beloved mother. Yue-Lung secretly plans to avenge his mother's death, someday. Yue-Lung dismisses sentimentality as "worse than useless," although the incessant pesterings of Shorter Wong eventually begin to strike chords with his long-dormant sense of honor. If anything else, Yue-Lung is clearly tiring of being manipulated like a pawn by his older brothers. Perhaps the stage is being set for his eventual rebellion against the Lee family? (Source: boukenshin.net & HotaruKara)