Tomo Kunagisa

玖渚友, Blue Savant, Living Time Table, Walking Wrath, Dead Blue, Verge, Blue on the Verge of Death
The technological genius Blue Savant and heiress of the Kunagisa household. Tomo is a young girl who is well versed in computer engineering capable of crafting computers that are much more powerful that anything on the market. Most known for being the leader of Team a collection of genius hackers. Due to Tomos renowned computer genius she is invited to Wet Crows Feather Island by Iria Akagami. Tomo brings Ii with her to help her get around. Tomo stands out like no other having blue hair and eyes due to recessive genes. Her hair may get even darker if she refuses to wash it becoming ultramarine which can happen often as she hates taking baths. Due to this Ii usually just throws her into a bathtub. Ii also tied up her hair in many ways from braids to quadtails. Tomo herself enjoys fun though she is not the best at being sociable as she rarely listens to others besides the task at hand. Unlike most people Tomo thinks somewhat backwards. Ii describes her thinking as instead of building a sand castle with whats needed Tomo simply has a whole pile of sand and removes what isnt needed. Additionally she is nearly incapable of expressing anything other than happiness besides a tad of minor annoyance. As the leader of Team Tomo bears the title of Walking Wrath. She manages all of Team and will get assistance from the other members for whichever goal she has in mind. Team itself is a cyberterrorist organization that preforms many illegal actions to either get information or money. They rarely get caught though there is one close call and they end up disbanding all of which happens while Ii is in Houston.