カルラ (カルラゥアツゥレイ), Karurauatsuurei, Karulau
Karura was once princess of NaTunku before she was taken down and replaced with a puppet of the Shakukoporu. She is found after killing many enemy soldiers with her bare hands in order to escape. Even though shes royalty she decides to live a normal life as Karura serving Hakuoro. She and her brother are the last two Giriyaginas on Earth. Her superhuman strength let her wield a ridiculously heavy sword thus making her a very effective shock troop acting more like Hakuowlos tank on the battlefield and ripping through enemy troops. Shes often seen carrying a jug of sake around sometimes even on the battlefield. She appears to have known Urutori from long ago though their shared history is never revealed. During the slaves revolt in NaTunku Karura swears everlasting devotion and fealty to Hakuoro the most sacred vow one of her kind can make. Her brother Derihourai becomes the new emperor of Karurauatsuurei named after Karura the new name he gives NaTunku after the slaves revolt succeeds.