Kousuke Ueki

Gender: Male Age: 13 Birth date: 4 July Blood type: A Ability: Change trash into trees Ability Level 2: Kousuke Ueki is the main character in the series. He is in Class 1C at Hinokuni Junior High School. Ueki039s ability is given to him by Kobayashi a.k.a. Mr. K who is also Ueki039s homeroom teacher. Ueki is a genuinely kind person who is always trying to help people out. He is an unusually calm individual and doesn039t care about what happens to him. He can be found snoozing in class letting children use him as a target for shooting soccer balls or in one case a surfboard and also calling the police without panicking when he faces a gang of rowdy teenagers. He cares for people around him even going as far as saving Robert Haydn from falling debris in the Dogura Mansion. He is a bit of a simpleton who constantly uses his ability against nongifted but that is because he just can039t stand seeing these nasty folks defying his sense of justice. Even though he constantly loses his talents and gains fairly useless ones when he wins he believes that he can still make do by putting even more effort into succeeding. According to a short profile of the main characters of The Law of Ueki published in the end of manga vol. 16 by the author Ueki039s hobbies include cleaning up his town. In the first volume of the manga Ueki is seen planting trees in the town park. Despite his power to change trash into trees may look weak in the eyes of others it is actually quite different from other powers. Other powerusers only have the ability to change item A to item B for example from beads to bombs and from water to fire. But Ueki039s power is different in the sense when he changes trash into trees part of the tree can become trash which he can change into trees again. In other words it is a repeatable cycle. Source : Wikipedia