Megumi Kuroishi

クロイシ メグミ
is a 20yearold Japanese university student who loved to live a carefree life inside the Kogami Mansion. Until one day one of the missing Kogami family members returns from China and into his life Suzuka Kogami. He is under a curse of the Kogami039s Dragon cast 100 generations ago. Every time Megumi looks into Suzuka039s eyes he is taken over by the curse of the dragon and becomes a doting adoring overprotective servant to his quotprincessquot Initally Megumi was very greedly and wanted the family dead so he could continue to live an easy life. He is horrified that he must be a servant and tries at first to simply leave however he is unable to. In time he begins to genuinly care for Suzuka and is able to act more like himself even when influnced by the curse which can be resisted to some extend if he avoids eye contact. Source: Wikipedia