Gon Freecss


Gender: Male
Age: 11 (begining), 14 (current)
Birthday: 5th May
Height: 154 cm
Weight: 49 kg
Hair Color: Greenish black
Eye Color: Brown
Blood Type: B
Occupation: Hunter
Nen Type: Enhancement

Gon is the son of Gin Freecss, a legendary hunter whose current whereabouts are unknown. He never knew his father was alive, much less a hunter until he met Kaito; a hunter who was also looking for Gin. From this point on, he became determined to find his father and decided to take the Hunter exam to do so. He became friends with Killua almost instantly when they met at the Hunter exam. Gon's an innocent and naive boy who is willing to help anyone, especially his friends. He rarely ever looks at anything in a bad way. His curious and naive personality often frustrates his friends but this is also the reason why many people are attracted to him. He is also from the reinforcement nen group. He usually fights barehanded or with his fishing rod, but it is seen quite often that Gon's fist is more deadly than any weapons.