Amon is a 25yearold Sclass Hunter and is also Robins partner. Though at one point Robin asks whats Amons ability he never answers and is never revealed. Originally he is reluctant to team up with Robin as he is told to quotkeep an eye on herquot by STNJ Japanese branch boss Zaizen as Robin is sent from Solomon headquarter. However seeing her worthiness in cases concerning highly prominent witches he eventually accepts her. Later on in the anime Amon disrupts Zaizens plan to eliminate or take Robin into Factory. Soon after Solomon attacks STNJ and once again Amon saves her. After that episode Amon is not seen in STNJ anymore but found to be working directly for Solomon. He is ordered by Solomon to hunt Robin as she has learned the arcana of the craft and her powers have grown beyond Solomons control. However when meeting face to face with Amon Robin fully accepts Amons decision whether to kill her or not. Amon finds that he cannot kill her. It is revealed near the end of the series that Amons father was a witch and his mother a quotseedquot indicating that Amon himself also carries the dormant witch trait. Amon fears the awakening of those dormant genes. Amons mother willingly accepted his fathers lead and she quotawokequot as a witch and from then on she no longer recognized young Amon. His fear and hatred for witches originated from that moment though his behavior throughout the whole 26 episodes is not particularly hateful nor fearful toward witches. At the last episode when Robin realizes that her role was to make witches and humans live together in peace as quotWitch Evequot Amon volunteers to be a watchman who would terminate her if she turns destructive. Amon and Robins survival is not known but Karasuma was with two of them until the last moment and she emerges alone. Karasumas unconcerned answer quotdont knowquot suggests that Robin and Amon escaped safely. The relationship between Amon and Robin has not been any more than a professional relationship. However Amon breaks up with Touko Zaizens daughter. They seemed to be already falling apart somewhat. Touko calmly accepts that and suggests that Amon quotchangedquot suggesting that Amon has become a warmer person to say such things as quotsuddenly I thought of you and called.quot While Amon and Robin are never seen in romantic light Amon repeatedly goes extra lengths to save Robin and Robin would trust her life with Amon.