Ren Kannagi

神凪 煉
Kazuma039s younger brother. He looks up to his Ayano Neesama and practically idolises his Kazuma Niisama stating that one day he hopes to be as strong as him so he can protect everyone. Ren has the appearance of a bishnen which sometimes earns him the contempt of some of his male classmates. Even so Ren appears to be very popular at his school excelling in his studies and in his athletic abilities. His biggest admirers include Suzuhara Kannon and Serizawa Tatsuya. Ren039s power is the Golden Flame said to have the largest purification effect. source : wikipedia Ren has never liked the fact that his brother Kazuma was cast out of the family simply for having no power. He always hopes that one day his brother Kazuma and his father will get along someday so that the three of them can be a family again.