フューレ, Furet

A youthful landlord and former member of the army. He uses dual knives as a weapon.

He found an amnesiac Pacifica amidst the wreckage of the crashed Skid, and reluctantly took her in when she started to follow him around. Fulle gave Pacifica the name "Pamela" - the name of his late pet cat - while they were together. On one occasion, Fulle gave Pacifica the wooden bath ticket he forgot to return to the bath house they had just visited. Strangely, he bears a resemblance to Shannon Casull, both in terms of appearance as well as characteristics - this could be one reason why Pacifica took to him instantly when he found her. Fulle was wounded while escaping soldiers, and made Leopold swear to protect "Pamela" for him before sacrificing himself to hold the soldiers back and allow Leopold to escape. Pacifica continues to carry the bath ticket even after regaining her memory, even though she is unable to remember who Fulle is.