Ensei Rou

浪 燕青
First seen as a traveler who was taken in by Shuurei when she saw him passed out due to a summer heat wave near the entrance of her house. She invited him into her house to eat. When Seiran returned home Ensei recognized him and called him quotThe Little Whirlwindquot. He seems to be an old acquaintance of Seiran but Seiran doesn039t seem to like his presence even though they seem to have a friendly relationship. They were most likely old acquaintances during Seiran039s time in Brown Province. Seiran assigned him to be Shuurei039s temporary bodyguard while he039s off fighting bandits. Also assigned to be the temporary administrator for the Department of Treasury and Taxation by Kijin. Seiren finds out he039s been defending against thieves from Brown Province every night. He has a crossshaped scar under his left eye. Source: Wikipedia